Available courses

  • To introduce some of the topics related to reproducibility and introduce what the ReproNim Training Curriculum will cover

  • Motivate to think about reproducibility as an inherent aspect of research activities
  • Use learned materials as soon as feasible

  • This module should provide you with the ability to work with your data in a FAIR manner
  • Provide researchers with the proper information on FAIR data so that they can be submitted to the specified workflows and executions environments in a reproducible fashion

  • Understand the conceptual pieces that make up reproducible research.
  • Learn where to go for information

  • Teach neuroimagers about the statistical aspects of reproducibility
  • Have a collaborative training enterprise: you can improve this module if you know how to do a pull request or raise an issue on github:github.com/repronim/module-stat. See module 'the informatics basics of reproducibility (module 0) on how to do this.